What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording by Barb Luhring

Graphic recording (also referred to as visual recording or  graphic facilitation, etc.) involves capturing ideas and concepts as they are being spoken in the moment through illustrated words and images.

Graphic recording professionals utilize visual thinking to document critical information live during meetings, conferences or one-of-a-kind events. Graphic recording is also effective when difficult-to-explain-concepts need to be conveyed to large groups.

Graphic recording by Barb Luhring

Professionally executed drawings help an audience grasp the collective wisdom of the presentation. Important ideas become more accessible through engaging images.

When a graphic recorder works live, in large format during a meeting, the images created serve as a visual touchstone for all to see. Participants are able to recognize their contribution and connect it to the concepts as a whole. This exercise fosters connection to the concepts being discussed. Themes and insights displayed in large format connect diverse perspectives into a unified “picture” that reflects the collective intelligence in the room.

The illustration created by a professional graphic recorder serves as the group memory and documentation of the collective work accomplished at the meeting or conference. The concepts and ideas are further reinforced when the large scale material is digitized and shared with participants post meeting as a standard sized PDF or any other appropriate digitally output poster or graphic.

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