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May 14, 2021

Dear Ellen,
Wisconsin Public Radio engages listeners with in-depth, fact-based stories that have the ability to transform a difficult-to-understand issues into ‘AHA’ MOMENTS!

These incredible moments take place in our cars; at work; via headphones while walking; or streaming while working from home in front of our computers. 

In addition to live shows, streaming audio and listen-later downloads available at WPR.org , the text that accompanies each story online further enhances the understanding of the important issues being discussed.

So how could this experience possibly get better?

Five words: Gorgeous. Relevant. Shareable. Social Graphics!

And that’s where I come in.

I draw pictures that explain ideas. My work can be the person that gives WPR another way to engage listeners…by providing easy to share, news story specific, graphics for platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and more!

I’m very good at this and I want to help WPR attract attention for their incredible audio content.

Simply put: The social graphics I create for Wisconsin Public Radio provides you with outstanding digital visual assets to complement your incredible audio storytelling.

Interested? Let’s get to work!

Contact me: 920-246-7234 or barbaraluhring@gmail.com

ONE IMAGE…7 graphics

Digital image inspired by
Are Women Equal” a BuzzFeed original film. 
Download imageclick here

Shareable social graphics featuring highlights from film:
1) Social Header Graphic:


Social Sharing Graphics:
1) Newsfeed Graphics created from poster:

Women lose $500,000,000 every year

Without the ERA women are NOT federally guaranteed basic rights.

There is nothing complicated about ordinary equality.

Graphics by Barbara Luhring