Tomato Sauce by Barbara

What you need to make Barbara’s Tomato Sauce

• 20 medium/large size Tomatoes
• Minced Garlic to taste
• 4 Peeled Carrots
• 2 Peeled and quartered Golden Beets
• 1 Onion peeled and quartered
• Bit of sugar & Bit of salt
• Fresh Basil

• Large deep pot for blanching tomatoes
• Large rectangular cake pan (or 2 depending on how many tomatoes you have). You can also use a turkey roasting pan.


Preheat oven to 300 degrees

1) Fill a large pot with water. Heat to a roiling boil
2) Place tomatoes in the boiling water 5 at a time. When skins begin to split, remove from the boiling water and place in another pot of cold water. After soaking in the cold water, the skin of the tomatoes will be easy to peel. Remove the skins and place in the trash. This is called blanching – think of Golden Girls.
3) Quarter tomatoes and place in large cake or roasting pan with carrots, beets, onion and garlic. Add a bit of Olive Oil.
4) Sprinkle sugar and salt over vegetables. Sugar cuts the acid and salt will enhance flavor.
5) Slow roast vegetables at 300 degrees until texture is soft – about 1.5 to 2 hours. Since all ovens are not equal check to make sure veggies are not burning.

Remove roasted vegetables from oven and let cool.

Using a food processor puree the vegetables along with about 8 oz. of fresh basil.

Place pureed sauce into a large pot. Stir in Romano cheese (or other pungent family favorite cheese) and simmer to keep sauce warm prior to serving.

Place any leftover sauce in quart glass jars. Let cool completely and store in the freezer or fridge until ready to use.

Serve sauce over your favorite organic pasta. I love thin spaghetti.

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