Graphic Recording? Tell me more

So you’re a graphic recorder.
What do you really do?
I draw pictures that explain ideas!

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A graphic recorder can also be referred to as a graphic facilitator or a visual recorder.
Regardless of the title, my job is to create real-time drawings that explain the ideas of the facilitator as he or she leads their audience through meetings, conferences or strategy sessions. The drawings are large-scale mural and feature pictures and words.

My graphic recordings engage audiences and give facilitators one more way to connect with everyone in the room.

When and why would I hire you?
Imagine, for example, you’re planning a 2 day meeting at which you need to have a difficult discussion about issues holding back your company or non-profit. I’ll be at the front or side of the room mapping out the conversation in real time on a sheet of paper roughly, four feet tall and eight feet long. The discussion and the drawing occur in real time meaning the group assembled to take on this issue, and actually SEE the discussion that took place! The messages are being reinforced audibly as the speaker delivers their presentation AND visually by following the drawing of the mural size graphic recording. (Approximately 4 ft. deep x 8 ft. wide.)

Depending on the agenda and the meeting’s objectives, I could be drawing several murals for a single presentation or meeting.

Every graphic recording becomes a record of the message and conversations that occur around the topic(s) being discussed. Participants hear the discussion, see the images created of the discussion and following the meeting they can receive a PDF copy of the graphic recording, thereby reinforcing the process and the takeaway messaging.

Can you show me what a finished Graphic Recording looks like? 
YES! Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3.


How I got here:

How long have you been offering Graphic Recording services?
 I began offering Graphic Recording services in 2014. However, I’ve been creating visually engaging marketing material my entire professional career – since 1980.

What kind of companies and industries have you worked for?
I have worked in marketing, advertising and Web development for the following economic sectors:
 Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Printing, Communication and more.


More details please.

Do you need to know about my industry to be able to draw it?
At the time of your inquiry into my services we can have a conversation (either on the phone or on Skype) to go over the details of your event beforehand, your expectations during the event and of deliverables after. We’ll also cover any specific jargon or imagery you’d like to include as part of your graphic recording.

What makes you different from other Graphic Recorders I’ve worked with?
While the goal of all Graphic Recorders is to visually map an event or meeting, each graphic recorder has their own style just as all artists do. Check out my style here, here, and here. In addition I am an excellent digital illustrator with 27 years experience with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Check out samples here: Digital illustration is something I enjoy and am very good at. (Check out: Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3.)



What is your background in drawing?

What informs my drawings: My education and work experience

I have a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. My concentration was graphic design and also included 7 semester of ceramics. Working in clay gave me a solid foundation in creating 3 dimensional objects with structural integrity. While my study of graphic design taught me the art of 2 dimensional design for the purposes of representing and influencing via creation of  logos, advertising materials and magazines.

What does this bring to my Graphic Recording skill set?
I am able to seamlessly incorporate appropriate objects as well as people to deliver the essence of the visual conversation taking place at your event. The objects (people included) are as important as the words in imparting the message of your conference or meeting.


Event Logistics

Do you engage the audience in discussion?
No. My job is to capture the content of the meeting or event as it is being led by a facilitator or speaker. I may have a question I need answered, but other than that – I will be quietly and enthusiastically working on mapping the discussion as it happens.

HELP! We need a facilitator too
I know some excellent facilitators I can recommend based on the needs of your event or meeting. Let’s discuss.

What sized groups will you work with?
I can work with one person or a conference room full of people. It’s important to have the logistics of the conference room figured out ahead of time so it can be determined if a videographer and large screen is needed to project the graphic recording. The idea is to allow the audience to watch the drawing so they’re engaged in the event via the words of the facilitator and my pictures. People will also check out the drawings during breaks and after the event.

If I can hear clearly and am working with a facilitator comfortable with the group size, I’m good. We can discuss your specific needs and logistics.

Where do you want to set up in the conference room?

I suggest being in the front of the room and just over to the side a bit. That way my drawing will be visible and can engage the group. The audience gets to see the progress of the meeting by watching the progress of the mural. Most events involve a projected presentation or video, so I’m set up on the left or right of the screen. I can also draw on a side wall, if that’s what the facilitator requests. I’m flexible but do not recommend setting up at the back of the room, because the opportunity to engage the audience is lost.

And for you Facilitators:

If you’re worried about me being a distraction to your group, I think you’ll find that your group will engage in your message more effectively with both of us working together. My role is meant to be transparent. What I’m drawing is serving the group your content in another format. It actually focuses people rather than distracts them.

Can you help us with Ideation sessions?
Ideation sessions that are based around conversation and big picture issues are a perfect fit for me. If you are looking for a list-maker/note-taker, that’s not a great use of my time.

Let’s talk more and we can decide if I would bring value to your event.



Following your event, you will be given the finished mural(s) to take with you:

  • My real-time visually engaging graphic recording skills
  • All of the original drawings
  • Digital images (JPEGs – one small for your website, one large for printing) of the drawings.

I have extensive experience with drawing and imaging software (including 27 years with both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator). I’ll use the proper software and filters for each unique situation to make sure the finished graphic recording retains and reflects the messaging and content of your meeting or event –  long after its over!

Digitally retouched JPEGs will be delivered to you 7 days from completion of your event or meeting.

And not only can I stand in front of a meeting and visually map out your meeting or event as it happens, I can keep your audience engaged long afterwards with:

  • Follow-up PDFs – with notes on tasks accomplished or hand drawn additions
  • PowerPoint or Keynote slide decks
  • Poster-sized graphics for key players
  • Give me your post meeting visual material wish list and it will be granted!
  • Add on: Branded PDFs

Looking for a small group graphic recording exercise?
Whether you’re looking for a small team building exercise, or a personal session mapping out a career or personal change, I can provide individualized graphic recording services for small groups or individuals.



Fill out our contact form or drop me an email letting me know the date and details of your event. I’ll check my availability, then we can talk cost and I can confirm that my skills would be a good fit for your event.

Do you travel?

Yes. When traveling, I arrive the day before the event. On the day of the event I like to get an early start to set up, so red-eye flights the day of are out of the question.

Can you work internationally?

Yes. Let’s discuss.

Do you charge for travel time?
Depends on the situation. Let’s discuss.

We need you IN TWO DAYS!
If your event is last-minute, I may be able to accommodate you. Contact me with your event date. I’ll let you know if I’m available.

If we are a go, it takes very little time for me to prep a contract and deposit invoice for you.
 Often clients pay the deposit by credit card through Paypal. Sometimes they overnight a check.

As long as I’ve got a signed contract and the deposit before your event, we are ready to roll!

What do you charge?
I charge a day rate plus expenses. Contact me to discuss your needs and my rates.

What are your usual expenses?

Travel, hotel, meals and materials. Materials run about $50 for a one or two day event for paper and tape.

What do you need in terms of wall space at the event?
I need wall space with NO sconces, thermostats, or wainscoting. The wall needs to be big enough to tape up a 4 foot x 8 foot piece of paper.


Ready to Hire My Services?

Drop me an email letting me know the date and details of your event. I’ll check my availability, then we can talk cost and I can confirm that my skills would be a good fit for your event.



Contact me, we’ll talk about your event and I’ll get you the details. I’ll write a confirmation of engagement contract for your event.

There are many reasons for your organization to utilize a Graphic Recorder.
Need some more ideas? Drop me a line.

Barb Luhring draws engaging, inclusive, diverse individuals for her advertising and graphic recording clients. Is your business ready to welcome diversity? If the answer is yes, contact Barb today.
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