The importance of Representing Diversity in Visual Communications

Diversity is present in every part of life, whether it be the food you eat,
the music you listen to or the idols you look up to.

“At Getty Images, we recognise our responsibility, and the great opportunity we have, to help drive change in promoting a more diverse, inclusive and representative visual language. I am proud to say this is a key focus for our editorial and creative teams and that we have searched out and are working with content creators who put this issue at the heart of everything they do.”

Andrew Saunders
Senior Vice President, Creative Content at Getty Images

We agree with Andrew Saunders and focus on including diversity in all of our illustrations.

Diverse LGBT illustrations

Want to attract diverse audiences and customers,
but don’t currently have photos of diverse customers in your place of business?

Diverse millennial illustrations


Trying to recruit diverse talent to your company?

Diverse women and girl illustrations

No problem! A picture is worth a thousand words and We Draw Ideas’ diverse illustrations
are respectful AND attention grabbing.


Diverse cartoon graphics

Our drawings can be playful or buttoned down and my out-of-the-box approach is customized for your specific situation

Barb Luhring of We Draw Ideas provides engaging, inclusive, diverse, creative rich media content for her advertising and graphic recording clients. Is your business ready to welcome diversity?
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