School Graphics

Looking for graphics to capture the personality and faces of your school – my name is Barb Luhring and I can help!

School graphics can be as simple as a classroom illustration on tag board created with markers or a watercolor and digital painting representing a diverse student body enlarged to welcome visitors at the entrance to your school.

My work engages viewers, explains difficult concepts and promotes inclusion, understanding and diversity.

I have been creating graphics and artwork for over 30 years. My tools are analog, digital, online and off. My clients have represented technology, education, religion, entertainment, tourism, manufacturing and more.

The graphics I create stand the test of time for my clients and I’d like the chance to show you what my work can do for your school.

Send me details of your dream project or an idea for a suite of graphics for your classroom needs. I’ll prepare a proposal from which we can start our conversation.

Email your wish list to:
Or call me at: 920-246-7234

And THANKS for taking time to review my work!

Looking to tell the story of your school community with an audio podcast?

I can help.
I’ve recorded, edited and produced over 150 audio podcasts since 2005.
Check out some of my samples here