RE: 2022 Elections – Let me help you!

I draw pictures that explain ideas and I’m all in to assist the efforts of Wisconsin Democrats as we move towards the Fall Election Cycle.

I’m a Green Bay graphic designer and political cartoon content creator and I want to create hard-hitting, memorable, engaging political cartoons for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin for use leading up to the fall elections.

I think all loyal Democrats in our state would agree that we are staring at a dangerous political precipice for both our state and federal government.

The EXTREME political damage done to the state by both the national and state Republican Party in the past 15 years has left representative democracy on life-support in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Democratic Party is all that is keeping our state from becoming a Florida-esque mosh pit of horror.

And that is why I’m contacting you. 

The political cartoon content I create would assist Democratic candidates bring real issues to the table – using humorous, yet hard-hitting visuals. 

Everything would be branded with DPW’s Footer/and/or Header. (My information would be replaced by yours.)

And let’s face it, with the Supreme Court’s leak we know what expect from the majority Republican appointed Justices. It won’t be good for women and it won’t good for Wisconsin. 

Check out my samples and give it a think by scrolling down. I can provide references for you as well as some additional samples.

Thanks for your time and for all you are doing to bring back sanity to our state and federal governments. 

Find me here:
Or here: 920-246-7234 

Wisconsin Themed Cartoons…



National Themed Cartoons


Need a new tool visual tool in your political toolbox to help defeat Right Wing Republicans in Wisconsin?

Curious about what we can create together to defeat the Taliban Republican Party?
Contact me today!
Find me here:
Or here: 920-246-7234