Barb Luhring’s Personal Podcast Journey

Topic: Podcasting
Event: Guest on Here on Earth, With BBC World Radio Business Analyst Peter Day.

My business partner Gregg Luhring, always had his radar tuned to new Web technologies and in 2005 he found podcasting. It wasn’t long before he encouraged me to start recording and producing shows based on conversations between our friend Susie Watson and myself. We called our podcast Pop Goes the Culture (content no longer available – domain now owned by another entity) and we continued to produce podcasts on an almost weekly basis from 2005 to 2008.

I was hooked!

As one of first-ever female podcasters in the country, I had a front row seat to effect of a disruptive technology on an old time medium…radio. In 2006, I was invited and took part in the first ever national Podcasting convention, PodcasterCon held at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I was a member of the “Women in Podcasting” round table discussion. My eyes were opened and the possibilities for this new disruptive entity seemed infinite!

My favorite experience (here’s a link to the 2005 podcast) is when Susie and got to record a podcast with Wisconsin Public Radio’s Jean Feracca. Earlier that year Susie and I were guests on Feracca’s Wisconsin Public Radio show Here on Earth in 2005. Feracca had just begun offering her shows as podcasts and decided to do a show called “The Future of Radio.”

Following that podcast, Feracca invited us to be part of a segment on her show featuring my favorite business analyst, BBC Radio’s Peter Day. I was thrilled to be on this show, sharing ideas and conversation with Day, one of my BBC radio idols.

I continue to create audio podcast content. You can check out some of my own favorite podcast productions here (from

Barb’s work is playful, engaging and professional. Her audio podcasts bring your stories and ideas to life and engage new audiences.

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