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Social sharing graphics created from large-size graphic recordings:

One, Two, and Three

Graphics that adapt to the needs of your growing business

One illustration, many uses

Targeted marketing and event graphics

Targeted marketing + hospitality

Consumer package design

Unique signage challenges

Smart classroom wall signage

Outdoor signage

In-plant safety signage

Graphic recording & your company

Onsite graphic recording – part 1

Onsite graphic recording – part 2

Onsite graphic recording – part 3

Graphic sketch notes

Large print from an illustration

Technical illustration

Barb draws pictures that explain ideas

Want a project proposal? Click here to send us the details.

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Audio Podcast Samples
In 2006 Barb Luhring was recognized as one of the country’s first female audio podcasters at the first ever PodcasterCon which took place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC.

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View Barb Luhring’s Resume: Click Here

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