Greetings WDoJ

Greetings Gillian Drummond, Communications Director, Wisconsin Department of Justice!

My name is Barb Luhring and the first thing I want to do is thank you, your colleagues and your boss – Josh Kaul – at the Wisconsin Department of Justice for launching the  ‘Statewide Inquiry into Clergy and Faith Leader Abuse.’

From 1972 to 1976 I attended Roncalli High School in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This period brought me one of my favorite experiences – winning the first girls Wisconsin state championship basketball tournament played in Madison in 1975. However this period also included 4 years of witnessing and experiencing the normalization of clergy and lay person (male teacher) sexual abuse at my high school.

It took me until 2018 to sit down and tell my story in a 6 page letter to Bishop David Ricken of the Green Bay Diocese and Tim Olson, principal of Roncalli High School. My frustration at their responses led me to excitedly contact your offices when Attorney General Kaul announced his investigation.

When news of your investigation came public – I immediately called your hotline, talked to an intake person (she was EXCELLENT) and sent off both my 6 page letter and the long-winded non-apology from the Bishop.  (Roncalli never sent a response, so I called and they told me the Diocese lawyers were handling all communications.)

I’ve received 2 calls from your team since then and provided additional clarifications.

It was after the second call that I realized that the work I do could be helpful to the work you are doing.

I draw pictures that explain ideas. I’m writing this note because my drawings could provide visual clarification of the work that is taking place on behalf of victims of Clergy and Faith Leader Abuse in the state of Wisconsin.

In other words – let my work assist yours. Please give it a think and drop any questions my way. 

Again, thank you Gillian –  for all you are doing AND for what you are enduring to get this work done.



Barbara Luhring • • 920-246-7234

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