My Idea…

Hi Teri.

I would like to create 3 consecutive explanatory cartoon illustrations for the Institute for Women’s Leadership. Each illustration would feature a humorous take on a challenge women face in the workplace – your suggestions.

The explanatory cartoons would appear in 3 consecutive monthly newsletters and would be featured in each month’s social feeds.

While the cartoons would be consecutive, they do not have to be related. Each could reflect a different challenge or topic. 

You would provide me with a consistent size that could be used in all 3 cartoons.

Below are some samples of humorous and explanatory cartoon/illustrations.

I would provide the 3 illustrations at no cost. My goal is for 2 or 3 people to see the cartoons and say – “Holy mackerel! These are excellent – I want to hire Barb tp create some explanatory cartoons for me!”  

Let me know what you think.

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Barb’s style of drawing

Telling a Story
Humorous cartoons by Barb Luhring

Explaining Technology • Circa 2001

Random Humor
Funny Cartoons by Barb Luhring