Hyper Innovation: Suggested Digital Asset Addition & Top Page Rearrangement

1) Digital Visual Asset Addition: Suggestions for Hyper Innovation from Barb Luhring / WeDrawIdeas.com

Download the suggested top page layoutclick here

Your team and partner digital firms are incredible!
Consider showcasing your partner’s expertise with Graphic Resumes. These images can be as simple or as detailed as you like. In addition to using the drawing as a single illustration, pieces of the drawing can also be used for social sharing – complete with the Hyper Innovation logo.

AND if your experts are interested in using the graphic resumes for themselves, the cost of creation can be split 50/50 giving each of you unlimited use. This offer is good for your partner business firms as well.

Questions? Drop me a note or call me @920-246-7234.
Click the images below to view samples of graphic resumes:

Aaron Kennedy - Digital Assets by Barb Luhring Demetria Menard - Tech Leader Kelly Fitzsimmons - Tech Leader Laura Kaiser Social Media Wizard

2) Suggested Rearrangement of Top Page

Click Here For Suggested Layout
Your company is helping clients redefine cutting edge medical and technology products of the future.  I can help you reorganize your top page by shifting as well as adding images and information that reflect the excitement and balls-to-the-wall efforts that your firm manages to pull out of participants during your work together.

In addition, I suggest the top page be a bit longer and include images of your logo from top to bottom scroll. Your visual identity should always be visible, whether your viewer is using a phone, laptop, tablet or desktop monitor.

My most noticeable addition (covered in point #1 above) is showcasing the incredible team you have put together – the team that drives client success. I researched each person and realized that the relationships you’ve built with this diverse and wildly prolific group are of enormous value to the individuals and organizations you serve and would benefit from exposure on the front page.

I suggest drawings of each person with small, medium or large graphic resume illustrations behind their photo as well as on their individual informational pages. Their individual graphic resume should also feature the HI logo and team member designation.

Imagine the impact when these images are featured prominently on your website and also on your proposals, social sharing graphics AND informational PDFs. It’s an incredible 1-2-3 messaging punch!