Hello Truth Freemyn!

Truth (and Irene),

The heroic individuals who shared their stories at last month’s online story slam are much like superheroes feted in comics and movies. Each woman who shared chose NOT to surrender to seemingly impossible odds – they instead met the moment head-on and conquered their fears.

THAT IS the definition of a superhero!

It would be my honor to draw these ‘supersheroes’ and towards that end, I’ve included a bit of my work to interest you in considering a joint project.

I could create drawings representing individual stories to publicize the good work of 9to5. The drawings can then serve as inspirational social media posts and/or be combined to create a poster appropriate for framing in an office, and/or be used as art for T-shirts, mugs and…well you get where I’m going!

So many options to give these inspirational narratives a longer tail to reach individuals who could really use a stories of resilience to move forward in their own lives.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for your time and for the outstanding efforts you put forth on behalf of working women. And thank you Irene for encouraging me to attend this online event!



Below are drawings from an Equal Rights Amendment educational event organized by Irene Strohbeen and sponsored by Midday Womens Alliance.

Questions? Contact me:
920-246-7234 • BarbaraLuhring@gmail.com

Thank you for your time!