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Let We Draw Ideas create a custom illustration or visual roadmap that will keep everyone on task and engaged

What clients are saying:
When a Green Bay, Wisconsin First Grade English as a Second Language teacher wanted a special project to help keep her class engaged during the 2020-21 Pandemic-interrupted school year, she engaged Barb Luhring of We Draw Ideas to create visual tools of engagement. 

After initial discussion, the  solution became 4 original drawings of students as Superheroes, each featuring a classroom behavior related word in Spanish and English.

Barb created two versions of each of 4 illustrations and saved  as PDFs. 

When students were exhibiting the behavior illustrated in each drawing, the teacher could reward students with a coloring page and/or a color poster to take home.

From the teacher:
These pages corresponded with our school expectations. So while teaching and reteaching those expectations throughout the year, I was able to give students the coloring sheets. The students loved the superhero theme and let their creativity flow while coloring the pages.

1) Elementary School ESL Color Posters & Coloring Pages – 8.5 x 11″

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