Samples for Dr. Mark Hicks

Marriage Equality Cartoons

Dr. Mark Hicks
Fahs Collaborative and Meadville Lombard

Greetings Dr. Hicks,

At the suggestion of Denise Cawley I have assembled a page of links to samples of my digital & analog illustration, graphic recordings and graphic design for your consideration.

Your work at Meadville Lombard, your messaging in videos and on the website all speak to helping people become better allies, better listeners, better human beings.

This is the kind of work I would like to help perpetuate. Please look over the samples below and let me know if you are interested in starting a conversation.

Thank you for your time.


Barb Luhring
920-246-7234 •


Equality Boston Terrier: Frida (soon to be on RedBubble products)

LGBT Door County: Lex Allen, Roll-Out of LGBTDC, Diversity Training

Celebrating Marriage Equality
I’m an ally: The US People, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney
I’m NOT an ally: Rupert Murdoch

Mid-Day Women’s Alliance event based on the film: Whatever Happened to the ERA?
Onsite IllustrationPost-Event Full Digital Illustration
Digital Asset 1Digital Asset 2Digital Asset 3Digital Asset 4

Diverse & Inclusive Watercolor Painting
3’x6′ wall art from 12″x 24″ water color painting

Diverse Depiction of a Community: NoH8 Illustration
Diverse Depiction of Women & Girls: Womens Fund of Door County
Diverse Depiction in Digital Assets: Womens Fund of Door County

Onsite Graphic Recording: As it happens
Onsite Graphic Recording: Aaron Kennedy

Post-Graphic Recording Digital Asset: Demetria Menard
Post-Graphic Recording Digital Asset: Kelly Fitzsimmons
Post-Graphic Recording Digital Asset: Aaron Kennedy
Post-Graphic Recording Digital Asset: Marsha Lindsay

Composite Post-Graphic Recording Digital Asset: Alex Hart-Upendo

Post-Event Digital Asset: Unconscious Bias
Post-Event Digital Asset: Toni Sikes

Digital Asset from larger graphic recording

Personal graphic resume: Laura Kaiser
Personal graphic resume: Gregg Stellflue

Graphic Novelization of Digital Assets: Sample 1, Sample 2

Digital Variations for Advertising Campaign

One Drawing, Many Uses: 1, 2, 3

Hand Drawn Lettering: Sample 1)Sample 2)

Cartoons that explain concepts

Commercial package design