I want to help elect President Biden!

My name is Barb Luhring. I live in Green Bay
and own a small business –
We Draw Ideas.

I’d like to be hired to create pre-convention drawings and cartoons as well as onsite graphic recordings at the convention for the Democratic Party – in order to assist in the effort of defeating Donald Trump in November 2020.

My work incorporates humor – and will visually point out the differences between our candidate and Donald Trump. My illustrations can also highlight the differences between the two party’s – assisting downticket candidates as well.

In other words: My work help can help energize our base on social media, help elect a Democratic president and take back both houses of congress!

Check out my samples below – including the political cartoons I created during the Wisconsin Recall Election and in honor of the Nationwide Legalization of Marriage Equality of 2015.

Questions? Contact me:
920-246-7234 • BarbaraLuhring@gmail.com • @BarbLuhring

Thank you for your time!