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I create graphic images and audio podcasts that can engage your audience and move viewers to take action – read a story,  buy a product, “learn more,” attend an event, click a link and more.

I’m contacting you because I’d like to be one of the people you choose to interview for your open position

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Clients and coworkers alike find me reliable, creative, efficient with my time and – like the work I create – personally engaging. In other words – I’m a creative, consistent, timely graphic services provider.

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Roman Collack
, Manager
Birchwood Lodge, Sister Bay, Wisconsin
Cell: 920-421-1797, Email

Scott Ryan,  Learning Space Technologist • Technology Support Services
St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin
Cell 920-403-3124 • Email

Laura Kaiser,  Conference Director & Social Media Guru
Wisconsin Technology Council, De Pere, Wisconsin
Cell 608-843-3850 • Email

Paige Funkhauser,  Marketer, Coordinator, Promoter and Planner
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Cell 920-559-1560 • Email

I’ve put together some links below to showcase my work
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Click Here to download Barb Luhring’s Resume

Please contact me with any questions you may have.
You may reach me at: 920-246-7234 •

Best, Barb Luhring

Click Here to download Barb Luhring’s Resume
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A Selection of My Work:

1) Demographic Targeting: 
Outreach to the LGBT Community
LGBT Door County on Facebook
I was the straight ally co-founder with my lesbian business partner Milwaukee’s Denise Cawley. Together we fashioned a combination marketing portal and training for Door County businesses to welcome LGBT leisure travelers.
LGBT Door County Training Promo • LGBT Door County Link to Download a Coloring Page of Lex Allen
(Who is Lex Allen? Click Here)

2) Demographic Targeting: 
Outreach to Millennial travelers
Each of 4 issues of DCBounce’s content is aimed at bringing Millennial tourists to Door County, Wisconsin. I took 75% of all photos, wrote 90% of all copy, designed 100% of graphics and created the layouts and eBooks for each of 4 publications as well as the website.

Request a sample Drop me an email and I’ll send you all 4 issues via WeTransfer.comeach issue is about 34MB

3) Evolution of a Logo and Incorporation into Graphics: Main Street Market
Longtime client Kaaren Northrop, of Main Street Market wanted a new look for her family’s Egg Harbor grocery store. Her store shared a name with a shopping center in the center of town (Main Street Shops) and she wanted to make sure visitors knew her business was groceries, beer and wine. Kaaren felt a shopping cart would help differentiate the two entities – an excellent idea that I ran with. I proceeded to create a multitude of ads and social graphics that included seasonal items in the shopping cart. She was very pleased with the result.
New Logo DesignColor Logo Design
New Logo incorporated into ad/social graphicUpdated ad for anniversary celebration

4) My work with St. Norbert College ITS Department:
I collaborated on projects with SNC ITS, my point(s) of contact being Krissy Lukens and Scott Ryan. I created a graphic recording of a facilitated conversation around the theme of “Design Thinking Our Learning O.S,” I created a new wall graphic for smart classrooms and I created stairway art for a conference held at the Mulva Library (last minute request.)

Would you like a PDF of my samples? – Drop me an email


Digital Illustration
Clever, understands what I am looking for, timely.

Graphic/Visual Recording
Barb created a precise, easy-to-follow and intuitive graphic recording for our municipality from very disjointed conversations had during a brainstorming meeting. I tacked the graphic recording to the wall in my office, and had countless people stand in front of it, review it, and then start conversations with me about its content. With a few simple strokes of pen and marker, Barb created a positive and clear visual interpretation of information that would have otherwise been misinterpreted, confused or forgotten.

Graphic recordings are way better than reading pages of meeting minutes!

Paige Funkhouser, Community Marketing expert

Graphic/Visual Recording
Barb is the most amazing communicator through art. She can tell anyone’s stories through her graphic renderings. As a conference director, I gave her head shots and background info ahead of time (power point titles, key ideas, graphics, etc) and she will amazingly work these into a story that comes into life by the time the keynote speaker takes the stage. Attendees at the conference love to approach Barb with questions on how she does it, and really – it’s pure magic + art collectively. She’s a whiz at self-promotion of her own skills as well as that of your speakers ahead of time as well. She’s able to digitally work her craft into any final form that you’d like for end product as well – really she’s quite a talented genius. Hire her for any conference, full in-house work engagement, sponsorship work with logo, or any work with a speaker that captures keynote presentations.

You won’t regret it!

Laura Kaiser, Conference Director & Social Media Guru

Graphic/Visual Recording
Barb Luhring delivered a graphic recording that engaged attendees during the meeting, helping drive the narrative of our event. She provided digital files of the finished product so I could send a PDF to each person that attended. The quality of the original drawing as well as the digital files were excellent and I plan on engaging her services in the future.

Caitlin Oleson, Project Coordinator
Lake Michigan Research Institute