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Designing an inclusive illustration brand

I love that illustrations have become such a key part of the tech branding landscape. But here’s an observation: tech illustrations often feature the same sets of things: young, white people (usually men), surrounded by gadgets, with a cup of coffee, in a beautiful tech world.

For consumer-oriented products, this creates an incredibly limiting and exclusive brand image, unless you are solely targeting city-dwelling, coastal tech millennials.”

Alice Lee

From We Draw Ideas founder Barb Luhring:

Working with Alex Smith, program director for The Farmory – an urban farming project in Green Bay. Alex needed a graphic that can raise awareness of the good work the organization is doing that could also help in fundraising.

After a conversation, I created a watercolor painting featuring volunteers and participants portrayed as community superheroes. I then dropped off my watercolor image to be scanned by Melanie Wishart of Inkdrop Arthaus and when it’s completed will deliver it to Scott Riha of Van Lanen Printing. Scott digitally printed the artwork at 3′ x 6′ on Gatorboard for easy mounting at The Farmory facility. Other digital assets can be created to facilitate fundraising and more. 

Here are the Details….
The Farmory Original Painting: 12” x 24” Watercolor on Arches 100% Cotton Paper • 140lb • Hot Press Watercolor Block Digital Retouch & Enhancement: Adobe Photoshop CC • Digital Scan: Inkdrop ArthausDigital Printing: Van Lanen Printing • 3ft. x 6ft.
Illustration printed on Gatorboard and hung at The Farmory
Additional Digital Assets: PDFs, Slide Decks, Silk Banner(s) are being considered.

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The importance of Representing Diversity in Visual Communications

Diversity is present in every part of life, whether it be the food you eat,
the music you listen to or the idols you look up to.

“At Getty Images, we recognise our responsibility, and the great opportunity we have, to help drive change in promoting a more diverse, inclusive and representative visual language. I am proud to say this is a key focus for our editorial and creative teams and that we have searched out and are working with content creators who put this issue at the heart of everything they do.”

Andrew Saunders
Senior Vice President, Creative Content at Getty Images

We agree with Andrew Saunders and focus on including diversity in all of our illustrations.

Diverse LGBT illustrations

Want to attract diverse audiences and customers,
but don’t currently have photos of diverse customers in your place of business?

Diverse millennial illustrations


Trying to recruit diverse talent to your company?

Diverse women and girl illustrations

No problem! A picture is worth a thousand words and We Draw Ideas’ diverse illustrations
are respectful AND attention grabbing.


Diverse cartoon graphics

Our drawings can be playful or buttoned down and my out-of-the-box approach is customized for your specific situation

Barb Luhring of We Draw Ideas provides engaging, inclusive, diverse, creative rich media content for her advertising and graphic recording clients. Is your business ready to welcome diversity?
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Explaining Technology with Cartoons

From: Teaching Ideas Gallery

There are a number of benefits to using cartoons in teaching because they can: motivate students to engage with the lesson’s teaching point, arouse interest in a particular idea or topic grab and maintain attention.

Barb Luhring is an excellent cartoonist! Her work can help you explain difficult concepts AND technology.

Explanation of 3W Media Hosting Plans for 2017
How many times have you tried explaining technology to your audience or for your client? A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s exactly what Barb Luhring excels at!

Web pioneer 3W Media needed tight visuals to help explain their 2017 hosting changes. Two of the pages in the PDF highlighted the Web challenges they faced when 3W started offering services in 1995 vs. today’s challenges on across multiple platforms.

Barb Luhring provides engaging, inclusive, diverse, creative rich media content for her advertising and graphic recording clients. Is your business ready to welcome diversity? If the answer is yes, contact Barb today.
Email: or Call: 920-246-7234