I have a long-time passion for drawing and audio interviews.
Check out these two favorite memories.


Topic: Cartoons
Event: No Woman is an Island, Ferrara, Italy, September 2003

I was honored to be one of five American cartoonists participating in this juried biennale showcasing over 30 international female cartoonists and organized by Luciana Tufani. Others Americans included: Alison Bechdel, Ann Telnaes, Nicole Hollander and Signe Wilkersen.

I was the only American who traveled to Ferrara for the opening of the show, during which I was interviewed on Italian television – with the help of a translator.

Most cool thing: I have been an admirer of Nicole Hollander’s Sylvia cartoon all my life. Back in the late 80’s I sent her some of my work and asked for advice on getting published. She graciously wrote back with suggestions. She admitted self-publishing her own work because the cartoonists of the day (and sadly, today as well) are almost all men. Cartoons by women – strips or editorial – were very few and far between.

I was unaware until the night before the show, when I met with my gracious Italian minder Patti Turchi, that Hollander’s work was included. As I walked into the gallery where my drawing was hanging, I gasped in joy when I saw her cartoon hanging right next to mine!

This was a very good day.


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