Tom Hennesy this is for you!

Good Morning Tom.

Thanks for taking time to talk with me yesterday and as promised, I’m sending you samples of my work.
If you see anything – a style or a concept – that could assist you in marketing the products and services of Inmar or CD Products, let me know. I can create a project proposal.
If you decide that the work I do could be helpful to you on a part or full time basis –  bring me in for an interview.
Start here to discover more about my work:

Download my resume here.

Email me: barbaraluhring@gmail.comCall me: 920-246-7234 • Connect on LinkedIn @BarbLuhring

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, tech leader Demetria Menard offered a presentation on agile workplaces, inclusion and more at Findorff headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. Her words lit up the audience and my graphic recording preserved an important takeaway message. Here is a snippet of  the entire 3′ x 6′ drawing.

On Wednesday morning, November 7, 2018 at Monona Terrace, Kelly Fitzsimmons used her own story to give budding entrepreneurs a pathway from failure to success and everything in between. She did not hold back and her audience was better for it. Following her keynote, my graphic recording captured some of the significant messages from her presentation. Here is a snippet of  the entire 3′ x 6′ drawing.

Noodles & Company founder Aaron Kennedy shared his story of success, struggle and pivoting when pivoting needs to happen at Wisconsin Technology Council’s #ESSWi conference on November 8, 2018 at Monona Terrace in Madison.  I created a graphic recording of his keynote in pastel and black Sharpie. Here is a snippet of  the entire 3′ x 6′ drawing.

I would very much like to talk with you about how my work could help yours.
I am in Madison frequently, can I have 30 minutes to talk with you about my drawing services?

Contact me at:
920-246-7234 or email

Thanks for your time!
Barb Luhring, We Draw Ideas, L.L.C.

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