About the Founder

Growing up in Manitowoc, WI, Barb Luhring had two passions: basketball and drawing. Playing on a championship high school team was exciting, but it didn’t compare to the thrill of winning a Blue Ribbon at the Manitowoc County Fair for one of her drawings. Art won out over sports when Barb went on to study Studio Art at UW-Stout.

Barb has worked in various graphic-designer roles around Wisconsin for employers that included a college, an advertising agency, a label company, a neon sign manufacturer, and a catalog company. As she tackled a wide range of assignments – from drawing cartoons for the Feeder Pig Association to tracing giant neon tube patterns for Holiday Inn signs – Barb developed an eclectic and versatile skill set. Throughout, she also found time to pursue her first love of drawing. While her concepts for a cartoon strip didn’t find any takers, one of her political cartoons was included in an international juried exhibition for women cartoonists.

Today, Barb is putting all her experiences together as a graphic recorder who draws pictures that explain ideas. She is the Founder and Chief Creator of We Draw Ideas, a boutique graphic design company that specializes in Storytelling Graphics. At We Draw Ideas, Barb works with a wide array of clients – businesses, nonprofits, event planners and others — who have discovered her knack for telling their stories through drawings. She has one daughter and lives in Green Bay.

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Barb Luhring, Founder and Chief Creator
We Draw Ideas