Digital Illustration: Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse and Inclusive, Digital Illustration, Barb Luhring, Barbara Luhring

Engaging, inclusive, diverse digital illustrations.

Digital Illustration, diversity and Inclusion

Digital Illustration • Diversity & Inclusion
The Millennial generation is the largest, most diverse generation in American history. When looking to engage this group of consumers, it’s important to make diversity and inclusion part of the package. DCBounce is a Door County tourism promotion that reaches out to Millennials by showing the face of young people in a small town Midwestern tourism destination. And who better to sell a community as a destination than one’s own peer group.

Barb Luhring provides engaging, inclusive, diverse, creative rich media content for her advertising and graphic recording clients. Is your business ready to welcome diversity? If the answer is yes, contact Barb today.
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Author: Barb Luhring

I draw pictures that explain ideas. I can create a graphic resume for a job seeker or a visual representation of a company looking to expand into a new market. The images I provide can help you or your business stand out from your competition and grab the attention of decision makers. For over 20 years I’ve developed marketing plans, graphic design, audio podcasts, slide decks, digital travel guides and demographically targeted web content for small and medium businesses, start-ups, manufacturers, the media and more. My work helps my clients tell their story.

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