2038 Wisteria Circle: Tree & Door Moulding Problems

Hi Darlene,

My name is Barb Luhring. I live at 2038 Wisteria Circle with my mother Alice Baryenbruch. 

I am writing to request that you address a now 2 year issue at Alice’s home, as well as a new issue concerning the outdoor moulding on the front door.


Alice has a Maple tree in front of her house. In July of 2020 the leaves on the tree turned ‘lacey’ – began curling AND then turned brown AND died. Alice sent you an email and it was not addressed.

This year the SAME THING is happening. Now.

In researching the problem, it seems as though it could be insect related. 

We are asking that you address this issue as soon as possible.

Check out the images below and please email all of us below and let know what is going to happen. 

Thank you
Alice Baryenbruch: alicebaryenbruch@gmail.com
Pat Baryenbruch: patrick@baryenbruch.com
Barbara Luhring: barbaraluhring@gmail.com

Photos of Damage 


Around the front door of Alice’s home, there is a small piece of moulding that is damaged near the bottom of the skinny window on the lower left hand side (as you stand and look at the front door).

Alice contacted you earlier this year and it remans damaged. It’s a small piece – about 2” and she would like it fixed as soon as possible.

Photo of Damaged Leaves:

Photo of Damaged Moulding: